Wednesday, July 06, 2022

A Haiku for the world*

 Mankind goes high wire

Wisdom snails through the darkness

Cherry blossom in fall.



Children wail in school

Morality at gun point

Roses at bloodbath.



Old men lean on mics

Storms rumble on the horizon

Lilies wait to tumble.



Camels stand listless

Smoke rises from a factory

No tears from the sky.



Black bodies wash ashore

Diamonds on ivory necks

Drums beat in winter



Boats splash in water

Cheetah cubs whimper in bags

Soaring heat at dawn



Fish swims in sea slime

Dusky stars blink from the heavens

Gadgets light the earth.


-       Bashir Goth, June 15, 2022 written in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 * I told my wife that I forgot to bring a book with me to read during my trip to Minnesota and she told me to write a poem about the condition of the world. Hence, this haiku was born.

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