Thursday, February 20, 2003

Somaliland denies supporting anti-Puntland forces
NAIROBI, 19 FEB 2003 (IRIN) - The authorities in the self-declared republic of Somaliland have denied accusations by the neighbouring self-declared autonomous region of Puntland of supporting and arming dissident forces.

Abdullahi Muhammad Duale, the Somaliland information minister, told IRIN on Wednesday that the charges "are absolutely false and baseless".
SOMALIA: Key issue is "survival" says UNICEF
NAIROBI, 20 FEB 2003 (IRIN) - The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) has said that the survival and protection of children and women will remain key issues in Somalia over the next five years.

In a press statement, it said UNICEF would also continue to support basic health education and water services. This, it said, was essential to ensuring that children grew up in a society where they would be able to reap the long-term benefits of development initiatives whose foundations were currently being laid.

Edna Aden: Somaliland's most popular Minister given a hearty welcome in Ottawa
OTTAWA, 19 FEB 2003--Edna Aden, Somaliland's Minister of Family and Social Affairs, was given a hearty welcome by Somaliland community in Ottawa, where she is currently visiting. Hundredes of Somalilanders greeted her with applause when she arrived at the meeting hall.

Welcoming the Minister, Dr. Mahmoud Tani, Chairman of the SL. Community in Ottawa, lauded Edna's efforts in reviving the country's dilapidated medical institutions, advocating women's issues and promoting Somaliland around the world as a Cabinet Minister.

Edna, a popular social worker and the founder of the Edna Aden Maternity Hospital, made a presentation about the health situation of Somaliland and the role her hospital played in meeting some of the country's dire medical needs.

She also spoke about the peace and stability prevailing in Somaliland and urged overseas Somalilanders to strengthen their unity and make a concerted effort to promote the issues of their motherland. She was given a long standing ovation at the end of her talk. She has also taken the case of Somaliland to the Canadian TV and argued strongly that her country had fulfilled all the requirements of a state. "I don't see anything that can stand in the way of Somaliland's recognition," she argued.

Edna, who earlier received a similar welcome in Toronto, will soon leave for South Africa to attend an AIDS conference at the invitation of South African President Thabo Mbeki.

The only woman in Somaliland's Cabinet and a former World Health Organization representative, Enda has travelled more than any other Minister during her short term in office and is generally believed to have boosted Somaliland's image internationally.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Editor's choice:faced with disaster, the Arabs are like mice
LONDON, 18 FEB 2003--18 February 2003--Could anything be more pathetic than the Arab demonstration against war? A million Britons marched in London, more than half a million Spaniards in Madrid; 200,000 in Paris and New York. And Cairo? Well, just 600 Egyptians turned up in their capital to protest at America's forthcoming invasion of brotherly Iraq – surrounded by 3,000 security police. By way of contrast – brave contrast – 2,000 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv against the war.

What on earth is it with the Arabs? Of all people, they – and they alone – are likely to suffer in this American invasion of their homeland. They – and they alone – have the will and the ability to understand that this US military adventure is intended – as Colin Powell, the Secretary of State, frankly declared last week – to change the map of the Middle East.

Yet, faced with catastrophe, the Arabs are like mice. Their leaders may agree with their people – but they will not let their people say so.
Wild pigs threaten Somali peace talks
NAIROBI, 18 FEB 2003 (BBC)--Delegates at the Somalia peace talks have threatened to leave because of the presence of wild pigs at the new venue. The talks were switched over the weekend from the western town of Eldoret to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in a bid to save money.

SOMALIA: Delegates to be screened and re-registered
NAIROBI, 18 FEB 2003 (IRIN) - Delegates to the Somali peace conference, which has been moved to the Kenyan capital Nairobi from the town of Eldoret, will be re-registered and screened before proceedings resume, a source close to the talks told IRIN on Tuesday.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Pirates rob two Lankan trawlers off Somalia
NAIROBI, 17 FEB 2004--The fate of 13 fishermen who set sail from Matara last month remains a mystery after reports that pirates had attacked the two boats off the seas of Somalia, police said.

They said the owners of the trawlers - Muhudu Sampath and Jayasagan - which left Matara on January 15 had told Negombo police that according to radio messages sent to Sri Lankan fisheries boats, an armed gang had broken in to their boats and shot the victims. According to reports the victims from Negombo, Wennappuwa and Matara had sent their last message on February 11 and nothing had been heard from them since then. - Daily Mirror - 17 February 2003 -

Editor's choice: Africa's tragedy
LONDON, 17 FEB 2003--The fact is that Africa is a tragic place. Unbelievably tragic. It is racked by war, corruption, AIDS, famine and repression. Yet Africa's leaders do very little to alleviate this situation. And when they get the chance to take action against the obvious misrule of one of their number, they let him off the hook with platitudes and a pat on the back. Africa's political leaders - with a tiny handful of exceptions - are worthy of little but international contempt. They are a cosy mens club - and they are ALL men - whose members only look after their own.

Boost for Somali, Sudan peace
JOHANNESBURG, 17 FEB 2003--Nairobi - Norway will donate $500 000 to help pay for peace talks in Kenya aimed at ending internal conflicts in Sudan and Somalia, Norway's International Development Minister Hilde Johnson said here on Monday.

"We are pleased with the role Kenya is playing in the Sudan and Somali peace talks and we are coming in to assist with $250 000 each for both Sudan and Somali peace processes," Johnson said during a meeting with Kenyan Foreign Minister Kalonzo Musyoka.

Mohammed-Rashiid Sh. Hassan to run for Vice President in Kulmiye ticket
HARGEISA, 17 FEB 2003--Mohamed-Rashiid Sheikh Hassan, A veteran Journalist, academic and the force behind the formation of the Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA), announced his intention to run for the post of a Vice President to Presidential Candidate Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo on a KULMIYE ticket. More on Republican

SOMALIA: Confusion as talks' delegates relocateNAIROBI, 17 FEB 2003--Delegates to the Somali peace talks, arriving at the new venue in Nairobi from the western Kenyan town of Eldoret, have been greeted by chaos and confusion.

The first group of delegates started arriving at the Kenya College of Communications Technology (KCCT) in Nairobi's Mbagathi suburb on Saturday night, only to find that minimal arrangements had been made for them, one delegate told IRIN on Monday.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Israel to accept more Ethiopian Jews
TEL AVIV, 16 FEB 2003--The Israeli Government has announced that it will allow the immigration of another 20,000 Ethiopians of Jewish origin. Most of them are from the Falash Mura community, who were originally Jewish, but were forced to convert to Christianity in the 19th Century

Somali talks delegates in Nairobi for third phase
NAIROBI, 17 FEB 2003--Hundreds of delegates attending the Somalia peace talks yesterday continued to leave Eldoret for Nairobi amid protests from hoteliers, transporters and other suppliers over non-payment for services rendered.

The delegates are moving to the Kenya College of Communication Technology, Mbagathi, in Nairobi for the third phase of the talks expected to start today.

Dr. Edna A Ismail African heroine, honored in canada toronto
FEB 16 2003-- Admired across Africa for her efforts on behalf of women, the underprivileged and the sick, EDNA ADEN ISMAIL will visit Canada to raise awareness of the plight of families and social issues in Somaliland. Ms. Ismail, Somaliland's Minister of Family and Social Affairs, will be honored on February 15 by the Somali community and Liberal Member of Parliament Jim Karygiannis who will present her with a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, translated into Somali for the first time.