Monday, July 25, 2005

Muslim to Muslim - people of humble common sense ask ‘why?’
By Bashir Goth- posted Monday, July 25, 2005
They call themselves fundamentalists.
A misnomer and ambiguous description, I say. This is because I know the word fundamental means basic. And anything that is basic seems to me to be easily understandable and closer to common sense. Therefore, I would rather call these people devoid of common sense and deprived of human feelings. These people make a habit of covering themselves with clouds of pomposity; they like to hide behind out-of-context religious jargon; they love to reach out for history and holy texts to run away from taking a responsible position on obvious common sense issues.
Evil for them has 70 layers of skin and they have to peel one after the other to reach the worst of the worst evils that deserves to be condemned. For them good also comes in different hues and different degrees of purity. No good is good enough if it is not pregnant with the seed of its own destruction.
No wonder humble people of my ilk remain clueless to understand their logic. There is a huge vault between us. It is a divide between people consumed by religious thinking and who see everything through a religious prism and people of humble common sense who see things as they are. A gulf between what I may call people of common sense and people of text sense.
We, the common sense masses, see and judge things and actions as they happen: and when they happen our common sense makes a simple and immediate reaction. We see the London bombings in which dozens of innocent citizens lost their lives and many more wounded and maimed. We condemn them straight away. More

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