Saturday, December 27, 2003

Somali Muslim Journalist on the Detrimental Effects of Wahhabism on His Country
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Friday, December 26, 2003

Fanaticism In Somalia:(In Support of Bashir Goth's Article)By Mohamud M. Ahmed (gashan)

For those of us who appreciate the political secularism and social openness of Somalia, there could be no more serious alarm than manifests itself these days in our country. One should look no further than the historical facts and the political and social events that has been unfolding in Somalia over the last decade presented in his recent letter by Mr. Bashir Goth on Hiraan OnLine.
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Against the Saudization of Somaliland: The true Origins of Bashir Goth’s Venom
By: Abdulkadir A. Hashi

On November 21st, 2003., I browsed through the content page of Addis Ababa Tribune as I usually do every week to see if there was something of interest in that week’s issue. I spotted a one Bashir Goth’s (anglicized version of the Somali nickname “Good” also known as Halaq or Abees) article Against the Saudization of Somaliland sandwiched between two other Opinion articles.

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Perverted and Malicious:In Response to Goth's ArticleK. Majiid ( Kaligii Jabhad
I was stunned to read the misguided and corrupted article written by the person Bashir Goth "Against the Saudization of Somaliland" and posted on Somali Websites. This article was drafted by Mr. Goth with mischief and evil intentions in mind against Islam and its followers. There isn't any truth and logic in what he says and its crystal clear that this person is outside the fold of Al-Islam and here is the evidence of why it is so:
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Monday, December 22, 2003

CHRONIQUE: Un journaliste somalien musulman dénonce les effets du wahhabisme sur son pays
Un journaliste somalien musulman dénonce les effets du wahhabisme sur son pays

Le 21 novembre 2003, le journaliste somalien Bashir Goth publiait un article détaillé sur les effets néfastes de l'islam wahhabite d'Arabie Saoudite en Somalie. Voici quelques extraits de l'article de Goth, paru en anglais dans Addis Tribune : [1]
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