Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A wish for a less absolutist world by Bashir Goth | Special to Gulf News

In the age of the internet, we seem to have lost touch with civility and good judgement

As we enter 2017, we face a world tormented by absolutism. A world dominated by black-and-white attitudes, where opposing political and ideological sides dig their heels deeper and deeper in their trenches. The narrative of politics, culture and social media everywhere seems to follow the old American idiom of “my way or the highway”.

You are either an alt-right or a liberal, a troll or a critic, a racist or a gutless global citizen, a climate change advocate or a die-hard sceptic, a Brexit supporter or a continental European, a fear-mongering xenophobic conservative or an unpatriotic destroyer of national identity, a native or an immigrant, a greedy accumulator of wealth or a heavy parasite, an elite egg-head or a deplorable ignorant, a zealot pessimist or irredeemable optimist, an untrustworthy crook or a pathological liar, a terrorist or racial hatemonger, a freedom fighter or a radical sectarian.
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