Sunday, June 15, 2008

PostGlobal Takes the World's Pulse
By Bashir Goth

The Current Discussion:PostGlobal celebrates its second birthday this week. Is there a growing global agenda -- that is, an agenda of issues being discussed that affects the world rather than individual countries? Or are local concerns still paramount?

PostGlobal has tackled local issues with global perspective. Realizing the need for a common understanding of world issues, this international debate forum has ushered in a new genre of innovative popular journalism. A kind of a unified voice in diversity, a media outlet where writers of different cultural backgrounds find a level playing field to express the anger, the frustration, the suffering, the development, the thinking, the cultural misconceptions and the stifled political views of their communities as well as shared human desires for justice, freedom and understanding.

PostGlobal has become a forum to air the voice of the silent majority; to reach out to readers across the cultural divide and to give them the opportunity to know the mind of the Other; to help them understand that the common desire for universal justice, freedom and respect for human dignity makes the notion of Us versus Them obsolete.

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