Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Heavy fighting flares up in Somalia's Puntland region
MOGADISHU, DEC. 30, 2002 (Xinhuanet) -- A largely anticipated heavy fighting has flared up early morning on Monday between the supporters of Colonel Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed, the president of the semi-autonomous administration of Puntland, and his rival Jama AliJama, the ousted leader of Puntland in the remote villages of Jidad and Qaararsor, about 150 East of Qardho town.
Timeline: Somalia
LONDON, BBC--A chronology of key events:
600s - Arab tribes establish the sultanate of Adel on the Gulf of Aden coast.
Thursday, 28 November, 2002, 14:45 GMT

Monday, December 30, 2002

New broom for graft-ridden Kenya
DEC 31, 2002, BBC--Kenya's new government is sweeping into power on a tide of popular anger at 24 years of rule by soon to be ex-President Daniel arap Moi.
Appeal: Africa needs 'civil society' as defence against tyranny
LONDON, DEC 31, 2002--When people in the West talk of "underdeveloped" countries, it is the basics they have in mind. Africans need clean water, more food and better health care. They also need a reliable income, the ability to borrow to invest, a sounder overall economy – things we know are more difficult to provide.

But what requires a greater leap of imagination is to see that for Africa to develop properly it must nurture "civil society" bodies to act as natural checks and balances on government.

As 'cloned baby' flies into US, row erupts over verification
LONDON, DEC 31, 2002--The sect that claims to have produced the world's first human clone said the newborn girl was due to arrive in the United States with her American mother late last night - but the announcement was greeted by a chorus of scepticism from scientists. There were also growing doubts about the validity of tests that the group says will vindicate its claims.

Yemen Arrests Man in Slaying of Americans
JIBLA, Yemen, DEC 30, 2002 (AP) -- A gunman slipped past guards at a Southern Baptist hospital and opened fire Monday, killing three American missionaries with shots to the head and wounding another. Officials said he may be part of an Islamic militant cell targeting foreigners and secular-minded politicians in Yemen.

Welcome President Kibaki
NAIROBI, DEC 31, 2002--Holding the Bible in his right hand, Emilio Mwai Kibaki takes the Oath of Office to become third President of the Republic of Kenya and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. More in Daily Nation.
Local democracy in action in Somaliland
DEC.31, 2002--The ICD/CIIR monitoring team (for composition of the team, please see below) together with other observers of the elections in Somaliland, have issued the following statement:

"We witnessed the Somaliland local elections of 15 December 2002 and wish to make the following statement. Our presence as informal observers was undertaken with the knowledge of the National Electoral Commission. We witnessed voting at 81 polling stations in Woqoi Galbeed, Awdal, Saaxil, Togdheer and Sanaag regions, and the counting of votes at some polling stations and district centres. (CIIR)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Reacts to Reports that Ethiopia Could Not Accommodate Gadaffi’s Entourage Coming for AU Summit
ADDIS ABABA, DEC. 30, 2002--Diplomatic sources told Addis Tribune that if Libyan President Moamar Gadaffi was coming to attend the summit, expected to take place in early February, he might bring an excessive number of bodyguards and officials as he had unexpectedly done when he attended the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) held in Durban, South Africa last August and the African union Summit in Togo.

The Libyan leader had an entourage of 750 people and 60 cars when he went to Durban for the WSSD summit. And hundreds of cars and guards followed him at the AU summit in Togo.

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Multiparty elections In Somaliland – another positive development for Somaliland’s quest for recognised statehood.
DEC, 30, 2002--The much-awaited and most contested municipal election in Somaliland has just been concluded peacefully. The election results declared by the election commission on 22 December depict a wide margin won of the ruling party - UDUB. The Allied People’s Democratic Party (UDUB)[i] was formed as a new political party by the late president Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, in July 2001.

West African leaders 'in al-Qaida plot'
AFRICA, DEC.30, 2002--The governments of Liberia and Burkina Faso facilitated an al-Qaida plot to funnel diamonds and weapons through west Africa before and after the September 11 attacks, it was reported yesterday.
"Most Women Go To Hell" - Mohammed
LONDON, DEC. 30, 2002--Mohammed said, "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers are women."
Read more- Independent
New era for Kenya as opposition obliterates ruling party
NAIROBI, DEC.30, 2002--Good Days are rare in African politics, a dirty and sometimes violent arena, but yesterday was one of them.

Over a momentous weekend, millions of Kenyans swept from power the corrupt elite that made them poor and miserable. But the revolution was a peaceful one. There was no violence and no mass marches – just the slip of ballots falling into boxes.
Read more-Independent

New leader promises all-inclusive government
NAIROBI, DEC.30, 2002 (WAM)--Kenya's new President yesterday pledged to fight corruption, increase efficiency by reducing the size of his Government and form an all-inclusive administration. Read Daily Nation

Kibaki declared president of KenyaNAIROBI, DEC. 29, 2002 (CNN) -- Opposition leader Mwai Kibaki has been elected Kenyan's new president following presidential and parliamentary elections, the country's electoral commission has declared.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Interview with Dahir Rayale Kahin, President of SomalilandDec 26 2002 « 97% of the Somaliland’s people does not want to be united anymore with Somalia. Nobody can change our will. » Dahir Rayale Kahin, President of Somaliland. This small country has good relations with its neighbours. « With Ethiopia and with Djibouti ».

Friday, December 27, 2002

For Somalis, a Home and Haven
Residents of U.S. Fight Deportation as Too Dangerous

SEATTLE, DEC. 27, 2002 (WASHINGTON POST)--Mohamed Aweys was a teenager when he and his family fled Somalia's civil warfare over a decade ago. Now, in an austere cell in a U.S. jail, he worries that he could be deported back to that violence-wracked country, for what he calls a youthful mistake.

Torture Is Not an Option
WASHINGTON, DEC.27, 2002--Al Qaeda terrorists mean America great harm, and it is essential that intelligence operatives obtain as much information as possible from them. That process, at times, will not be easy. These grillings may not be governed by the same rules that cover domestic criminal investigative interrogations. Foreigners detained abroad fighting against the United States are not entitled to the protections of the Bill of Rights, after all.
Washington Post editorial
Kibaki takes early lead, Uhuru puts a brave fight
NAIROBI, DEC. 28, 2002--Narc leader Mwai Kibaki was early today increasing his lead in preliminary results from 210 polling stations - but his Kanu rival, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, was putting up a brave fight.
Read Kenya's exit polls in the Daily Nation
Humans claim God's thrown, create a life (first human clone is born)
HOLLYWOOD, DEC 28, 2002, Fla. (AP) -- Ushering in either a brave new world or a spectacular hoax, a company founded by a religious sect that believes in space aliens announced Friday that it has produced the world's first cloned baby.

Scientist Claims to Produce Human Clone
HOLLYWOOD, DEC 27, 2002, Fla. (AP) -- A chemist connected to a group that believes life on Earth was created by extraterrestrials claimed Friday to have produced the world's first human clone, a baby girl named Eve.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Kenyan camp seen fertile ground for terror
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--"I dream, mostly, of leaving," said Ahmed Aden, 20, talking about his home. He has been living in the Dadaab refugee camp for 11 years, ever since his father was killed in Somalia's civil war and his mother fled across the border to Kenya with her four children. Read WT
Kenya 'systematically drained' of resources
A 25 page eve-of-poll report* by the Kenyan branch of Transparency International (TI), the Berlin-based anti-corruption body, provides for the first time a breakdown of how Kenya has been systematically drained of state resources by politicians and their cronies. Read FT

Profiles of Leading Presidential Candidates
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--Million of Kenyans are eligible to go to the polls on Friday, December 27, to elect a new president, parliament and local candidates in the civic elections. The landmark ballot ushers in a new era in Kenyan politics and bids farewell to President Daniel arap Moi after 24 years in office. Five men are in the presidential race, but two men are well out in front, Uhuru Kenyatta for the incumbent party, Kanu and Mwai Kibaki for the opposition coalition, Narc. They are profiled below:
SUDAN: State of emergency extended
NAIROBI, 26 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Sudan's parliament on Monday approved the extension of a state of emergency for a fourth year, news agencies reported.
Kenya's 'great hope' tipped to win poll
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--Rarely in Kenyan history has one man been so adored, or caused so many traffic jams, as Mwai Kibaki, the country's favourite grandfather who is widely predicted to sweep to victory in today's presidential poll.
Iran bans death penalty by stoning
TEHRAN, DEC.26, 2002 (Reuters) - Iran has abolished stoning as a form of capital punishment, an Iranian newspaper has
reported, in an apparent bid to ease European Union human rights concerns ahead of a possible
breakthrough trade agreement.

In Afghanistan the Burka refuses to follow the fate of Taliban
The Qur'an, she said, exhorts women to cover "their beautiful parts, such as their breasts, hips and legs, but doesn't say they should hide their faces or cover themselves with burkas."

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

US Muslims sue over mass arrests
Dec 24, 2002 (BBC)--US Muslim groups have launched a class action lawsuit against Attorney General John Ashcroft and federal immigration officials over the detention of hundreds of Muslim men.
Four groups said they had filed the suit

Religion's role in world affairs
Over the past decade religion has come back with a vengeance. When an American political scientist predicted that the post-cold-war world faced a clash of civilisations, he saw the struggle ahead largely in religious terms. Since September 11 2001, many people would now agree with him. Almost entirely neglected as a factor in world politics before the Berlin wall came down, religion is now invoked to explain most of the pressing issues of the day - the rise of ethnic conflict from the Balkans to Bombay, for instance, the emergence of al-Qaeda and the European Union's uncertain embrace of Turkey.
Financial Times

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

African Union Committed to Development
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 Dec 2002--The interim chairman of the African Union says the organization is committed to building a partnership with citizens to develop Africa. Amara Essy spoke in Washington during a recent three day conference.
4 Somali Students Die in Bus Shooting
December 24, 2002, 10:47 AM EST
MOGADISHU, Somalia, AP-- Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a school minibus in Mogadishu on Tuesday, killing four students and wounding 10 others, witnesses said

War & poverty
Something must be done to stop the present state of continuous war preparation and threats of war, which is simply a waste of human resources and human intelligence that is holding back the whole development of science itself, and blocking its useful application.
Arrested Qaeda figure was training for flight
Patrick E. Tyler/NYT The New York Times
Tuesday, December 24, 2002
WASHINGTON The man said to be chief of operations for Al Qaeda in the Gulf region, Abdul Rahim Nashiri, was taking flight lessons near the strategic shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz when he was arrested last month by authorities of the United Arab Emirates and turned over to the CIA, officials here and in the region said in recent days.

Speechless Moi fails to halt tide of change
NAIROBI, Dec. 23, 2002--It was a rally not unlike the hundreds that the ageing Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi, had presided over during his 24 years in power, with a 50,000-strong crowd allegedly bribed to attend
The Guardian
Ethiopia faces £330m claims
ADDIS ABABA, Dec.r 24, 2002--The impoverished government of Ethiopia, which is struggling to combat the worst famine in 20 years, is facing demands from private creditors of up to $500m (£330m).
SOMALIA: Peace talks adjourned
NAIROBI, 24 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - The Somali peace talks currently under way in the western Kenyan town of Eldoret have been adjourned until after the Kenyan elections, according to a source close to the talks.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Gudiga doorashooyinka qaranka oo maanta ku dhawaaqay natiijadii codbixinta doorashada
Dec 22 2002 Burco Somaliland (Somaliland Net Gudiga doorashooyinka qaranka ee jamhuuriyada somaliland ayaa maanta ku dhawaaqay natiijadii ka soobaxday codbixintii doorashada ee ka dhacday gobolada sland 15.12.02,waxayna ugu kala guulaysteen codbixintaa ururadii tartamayay oo ahaa lix urur siyaasadeed sidan,
UDUB=197,938 COD
UCID=49,444 COD
SAHAN= 47,942 COD
ASAD= 39,596 COD.
Read More

Cabdi Xasan Buuni oo eedeeyey UDUB
BORAMA, 19 DEC 2002 (Haatuf)-- Goobaha codbixinta ee ka baxsan magaalada oo laga soo sheegay in UDUB ay ka heshay codad aan caqli-gal ahayn, marka loo eego baaxaddooda iyo dadka ku nool deegaankaasi.

Cabdi Xasan Buuni, waxa uu soo jeediyey in dhacdooyinka lagala kulmay doorashooyinkii shalay wixii ka dhacay haddii dib loo eegi waayo ay wax u dhimi doonto wax kasta oo danta guud iyo qarannimada ku lug leh.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Somalia peace delegate tries to commit suicide
NAIROBI, 22 DEC 2002 (KBC)--A delegate in the ongoing Somalia peace talks in Eldoret attempted to kill himself after learning he was on the list of excess delegates who were supposed to return home.

Gudoomiyayaasha ururrada ayaa loo sheegay natiijadii doorashooyinka dawladdaha hoosee iyo 3 urur ee u gudbay heer xisbi qaran
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Bush Cancels Africa Trip to Focus on Iraq
Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Iraq crisis intensifying, President Bush called off a planned trip to Africa next month to focus on his looming decision - expected in several weeks - whether to go to war to disarm Saddam Hussein's regime.

Friday, December 20, 2002

"Natiijadii Codbixinta Doorashadii Deegaanka ee Gobolada Hargeysa, Togdheer iyo Ceerigaabo oo lagu dhawaaqay."
Tiradda Guud ee Degmada Hargeysa ka codeysay ayaa ah 103,374 (Boqol iyo Saddex Kun Saddex Boqol iyo Afar iyo Toddobaatan )cod.

1-Degmada HARGEYSA.
UDUB 48,753, HORMOOD 15,464, KULMIYE 14,304, UCID 13,450 Cod, SAHAN 8,555 Cod, ASAD 2,848 Cod.
2-Degmadda GABILEY.
Tirada codbixinta guud ee degmadda Gabiley ayaa ah 25379 cod.
UDUB 11,457 Cod, HORMOOD 5,416 Cod, KULMIYE 4,527 Cod, UCID
2,588 Cod, ASAD 840 Cod, SAHAN 551 Cod.
Tirada codbixinta guud ee degmadda Gabiley ayaa ah 15,759 cod.
UDUB 3,935 Cod, HORMOOD 2,935 Cod, KULMIYE 2,731 Cod, ASAD
2,864 Cod, SAHAN 1,661 Cod, UCID 1533 Cod.
4-Degmadda SALAXLEY.
Gobolka Togdheer: (Read more)

Maamulka Puntland Ayaa Sheegay Inay Canshuur Ururin Ka Bilaabi Doonaan Magaalada Laasacaanood Oo Ay Dhawaan Isaga Hor’imaadeen Iyaga Iyo Somaliland.
MUQDISHO-20 DEC 2002--Maamul gobaleedka Puntland ayaa sheegay inay canshuur ururin ka bilaabi doonaan magaalada Laasacaanood oo ay dhawaan isaga hor’imaadeen iyaga iyo Somaliland.

Assignment Djibouti: Where?
DJIBOUTI, Djibouti (CNN) -- After banging my head in frustration searching for a place called Djibouti on the map, I'm almost at the point of giving up when I spot a tiny country the size of Massachusetts sandwiched neatly between Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Retreat by Nestle on Ethiopia's $6m debt
20 DEC 2002--Nestle, the world's largest coffee company, was forced into a humiliating climbdown yesterday after a wave of public outrage greeted its demand for a $6m (£3.7m) payment from the government of famine stricken Ethiopia. The Guardian.
White House Prepares Multi-Nation Presidential Tour to Africa
President George Bush will make a six-day trip to Africa in January, his first visit to the continent.
A White House announcement said the president will be in Africa from January 10 - 17 and will open the second U.S.-subSaharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum in Mauritius. The meeting is mandated by the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which was passed by Congress in 2000.

Can the SPLA Afford to Divorce Uganda?
This is the third part of our special report on "AFRICA'S MOST DANGEROUS BORDERS" by Training Editor Ogen Kevin Aliro, who followed a five-day trail along the Uganda-DR Congo-Sudan borders. The first and second parts were published in The Monitor Dec. 12 and Dec. 16, 2002, respectively. The final leg took Aliro to Koboko and Kaya on the Uganda-Sudan border, and finally to Kajo Keji and Nimule in southern Sudan:

ERITREA: Thousands may starve, WFP warns
NAIROBI, 20 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - The UN's World Food Programme on Friday warned there would not be enough food supplies to care for about one million Eritreans in the coming months.

Natiijadii rasmiga ahayd ee Doorashooyinka Dawaladdaha Hoose ee Gobolka Saaxil.
Berbera (Jam)- Natiijadii codbixinta doorashada goleyaasha degaanka ee degmooyinka gobolka Saaxil, ayaa shalay la soo saaray. Gobolka oo guud ahaan laga dhiibtay 26945 cod oo u kala baxa: DEGMADA BERBERA 21922 cod
DEGMADA SHEEKH 5023 cod. Degmada Berbera xisbiyadu waxay kala qaataan:UDUB 10877 COD 49.6%, KULMIYE 4539 COD 20.7% , UCID 2292 COD 10.5% , ASAD 1819 COD 8.3% , SAHAN 1332 COD 6% ,HORMOOD 1063 COD 5%.

DEGMADASHEEKH: UDUB 2329 COD 46.4%, KULMIYE 770 COD 15.3%, UCID 722 COD 14.4%, SAHAN 614 COD 12.2%,
ASAD 462 COD 9.2% , HARMOOD 126 COD 2.5% .

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Corruption is Costing Kenya Dearly
NAIROBI. 20 DEC 2002--In a previous article, I offered suggestions, as an interested, but non-partisan outside observer, on the rather technical subject of information and communications policy in Kenya and how minor, largely cost-free changes could help stimulate Kenya's economy.

Ethiopia Not an Embarrassment to Africa
It is true that Ethiopia may be facing hard times sometimes, but this is not enough reason why he should say that Ethiopia is known for only war and famine. It is equally true that Ethiopia has been a reference point in African politics and has now anchored in peace.

Ethiopia Not an Embarrassment to Africa
It is true that Ethiopia may be facing hard times sometimes, but this is not enough reason why he should say that Ethiopia is known for only war and famine. It is equally true that Ethiopia has been a reference point in African politics and has now anchored in peace.

Natiijadii Codbixinta Doorashadii Deegaanka ee Gobolka Awdal oo lagu dhawaaqay
BORAMA, 19 DEC 2002--Mr. Axmed Aadan Cali (Goodir), oo ah xubin ka tirsan koomishanka Doorashooyinka Qaranka oo ka hawlgalay gobolka Awdal ayaa Wargeyska Jamhuuriya soo gaadhsiiyey qoraal shax ah oo muujinaya natiijada codadka lixda urur siyaasadeed ee ku tartamayey doorashada ay ka kala heleen gobolka Awdal.

Tiradda Guud ee Gobolka Awdal ka codeysay ayaa ah 100,495(Boqol Kun Afar Boqol iyo Shan iyo Sagaashan )cod.

Waxana tirada guud ee codadka ururadu ka heleen gobolka Awdal ay kala yihiin sidan:-
UDUB-58,939 - 58.56%, KULMIYE 13,679-13.61%, ASAD8,727 - 8.68%,UCID 7,422 - 7.39%, HORMOOD 7,229 - 7.19%, SAHAN 4,499 - 4.49%.

Ethiopian PM visits drought areas of Oromo and Somali regions
ADDIS ABABA, 19 DEC 2002-- Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi made his first visit to drought-affected parts of the country this week, with a brief helicopter visit to two of the hardest-hit areas of eastern Ethiopia.
Man, monkey fight it out over flour
NAIROBI, 19 DEC 2002--Ibrahim Abdi Gurre was attacked when he ran after the intruder on realizing that it had made away with his five packets of 1 kg each of maize flour meant for his meal.

Poverty and little work drive young Saudis toward radical Islam
JIDDA-- At the Liwan tea and water pipe parlor on a rooftop near the airport here, young Saudi men, many of them unemployed, while away the evenings puffing fruit-laced tobacco, drinking sugary tea and wondering about their uncertain future.
Nestle claims £3.7m from famine-hit Ethiopia
The multinational coffee corporation, Nestle, is demanding a $6m (£3.7m) payment from the government of the world's poorest state, Ethiopia, as the country struggles to combat its worst famine for nearly 20 years.
The Guardian

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

EU starts using Berbera Port for Food Shipment
Dec 18 2002 The European Union has started using Berbera Port for the shipment of food aid to the eastern and south-eastern parts of Ethiopia, according to Ms. Vereonique Lorenzo, Rural Development and Food Security Advisor in EU.
Kuraastii G/deganka Awdal iyo codbixintii
BORAMA, 19 DEC 2002--Borama waxa loo tartamayay 21 xubnood oo ah golaha deegaanka waana degmooyinka ah A xisbiyadu waxay kala heleen, Udub 12kursi, Kulmiye 3kursi,Asad 3kursi,Ucid 2kursi Hormod 1kursi,sahan 0,.

Baki Udub15286cod ma sharaxan murashaxiin markaas malaha kuraas degaan Asad 0 993cod ma sharaxan, hormod2300cod 3kursi,kulmiye3605cod 5kursi,Ucid2217cod 3kursi,sahan1717cod 2kursi. waa 13kursi degamaduna waa degmooyinka C ah tirada guud ee codaysay waa 26413 waxa xumaaday 295.

Saylac waa degmooyinka B da waxayna leedahay 17kursi waxa codeeyay 11476, waxa xumaaday 704cod, Udub 8584cod 14kursi,kulmiye 1059cod 2kursi, hormod 466cod 1kursi Asad 217 cod 0,ucid 295cod 0, sahan 151cod 0.
Lughaya waa degmooyinka C da ah waxa ay leedahay 13kursi degaan, waxa ka codeeyay12072cod, Udub4233cod 5kursi, hormod 2424cod 3kursi, kulmiye 1464cod 1kursi asad 1177cod 1kursi, sahan 1264cod1kursi,ucid 940cod 1kursi.

Dilla waa demiiyinka cusub ee laga reebay doorashooyinka deegaanka waxayna ku jirtaa Baki waxayna ku soo gudbaysaa codkeedu hadii uu gaadho 9000cod waxayna ku imanaysaa darjada C.
Hashim Goth-Hanua.

ERITREA: EC boosts emergency aid
NAIROBI, 18 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - The European Commission is to increase its emergency aid to Eritrea - which is in the grip of a devastating drought - to over 15 million euros by the end of this year.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Sudanese delegations in Washington For 'Unofficial' Talks
Washington, DC--Delegations from the Government of Sudan and the rebel Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) arrived in Washington, DC on Monday for unofficial talks at the invitation of the U.S. Department of State.

Kenya police arrest wife of suspect over terror attacks
MOMBASA, Kenya, Dec. 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Kenyan police said here Monday that they had arrested the wife of one of the prime suspects in the twin terror attacks against Israeli interests in the port city of Kenya two weeks ago.
Bomb Suspect Fled to Somalia
NAIROBI--One of the most wanted men called wife twice from Baidoa, police say. A prime suspect in the November 28 terrorist attacks at the coast has called twice from his hideout in Somalia, his wife says.
SOMALILAND polls hailed as a success
NAIROBI, 17 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Ahmad Haji Ali Adami, chairman of the electoral commission in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, has described this weekend's local elections as a success.

SOMALIA: Faction leaders agree on participation
NAIROBI, 16 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - After weeks of wrangling over the number of participants attending the Somali peace talks in the Kenyan town of Eldoret, faction leaders have agreed to a maximum figure of 300.

ERITREA: New report indicates severe levels of malnutrition
ASMARA, 17 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - A statistical analysis conducted by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) of a number of nutritional surveys carried out in Eritrea in the last six months indicates that 2.8 million Eritreans - over half the population - are experiencing pre-famine conditions.

ETHIOPIA: Premier faces his critics
NAIROBI, 17 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi faced his critics over the weekend during a public debate on policy issues.

Electoral body chairman says civic elections "successful
Dec 16 2002 The chairman of the electoral commission, Ahmad Haji Ali Adami, has announced that the elections held in the country were successful.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Garaado reer Sool ah oo cambaareeyey weerarkii Laascaanood ee lagu qaaday qaaday weftigii madaxweyne Rayaale - Monday, 16 December, 2002
Laascaanood (Jam)- Afar ka mid ah Isimada waaweyn ee beesha Sool ayaa cambaareeyey weerarkii malleeshiyada Cabdillaahi Yuusuf ku soo qaadeen weftigii madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland ee booqashada ku tegay Laascaanood, 7 December 2002.

Somalia gets Parliament ahead of government
A parliament has been established for Somalia, a prelude to the formation of an all-inclusive legitimate government in the war-torn country. Read more
Bomb suspect fled to Somalia
NAIROBI--A prime suspect in the November 28 terrorist attacks at the coast has called twice from his hideout in Somalia, his wife says. Daily Nation.

Codbixintii gobolka Awdal
BORAMA, DEC 16--Waxay u dhacday codbixintii Borama sidan , waxa laga codeeyay 55 goobood degmada Borama oo gob walba loogu talagalay 1600 cod waraaqohood goobtiiba.hadaba waxa ka codeeyay 51000 ilaa 52000. ooqof waxana la kala helay sidan 31000 Udub, 7533 kulmiye,6284Asad, 3866Ucid,2040Hormod,1426sahan,80c0dna xumaansho. taasi waa Borama..

Dila waa sidan waxay heshay lix goobod, dila,8171udub,135hormod,215kulmiye,138asad,62sahan,225ucid.,waxa ka maqan goob keliya oo aanan warkeeda helin oo ah dhuxun iyadana waxaa la sheegayaa in ay codeeyeen 800qof dila goob walba waxa la geeyay 1200waraqood waxayna ka tirsanayd Baki markaas waxa dhiman ilaa 22goobood oo kale oo Baki ahinatani waa dila, j/horoto,g/duqsi/,c/dooni,waxarawaalis iyo dhuxun..
Hashim-Weriyaha Hanua

SOMALIA: Faction leaders agree on participation
NAIROBI, 16 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - After weeks of wrangling over the number of participants attending the Somali peace talks in the Kenyan town of Eldoret, faction leaders have agreed to a maximum figure of 300.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

The butcher of Hargeisa poses as a peacelord in Eldoret
"In fact I'm now more of a peacelord than a warlord, says General Morgan.

Saturday, December 14, 2002

Col.C/llaahi Yusuf oo ciidamdadiisa ugu baaqay in ay u diyaar garoobaan dagaal daba dheeraada.
Jen. Cadde Muuse oo sheegay inuu rabo inuu Puntland ka xoreeyeo ninka uu ku tilmaamay kelidii taliyaha Col. Cabdillahi Yusuf
Nine Aliens Fined Sh400,000 for Illegal StayNAIROBI--Nine foreigners who were arrested at Kilindini port on suspicion they were terrorists were yesterday fined a total of Sh450,000 for being in the country illegally.

Chief Magistrate, Mrs Hellen Okwengu, ordered the nine to serve one year in jail if they fail to raise the fine. The accused are Dur Mohamed, 59, Captain Mohamed Abdulkadir, 36, Chief Engineer Mohamed Abubakar, 30, Abdullahi Yusuf Abdi, 25, Abdul Majid Issa, 25, and Ghulam Nadi Ahmed, 38.

Puntland minister reportedly leaves Las Anod for lack of support
Dec 12 2002 BBC Monitoring Service - The minister of internal affairs of the Puntland administration [northeastern Somalia], who himself hails from Laas Caanood town and visited there recently, left the town yesterday unexpectedly and returned to Garoowe, the administrative HQ of Puntland.

Friday, December 13, 2002

The Somaliland Community in the UAE expresses outrage at aggression of the tribal enclave of Puntland on Somaliland:
Dec 13 2002 The Somaliland Community in the UAE - Responding to the naked aggression launched by the militia of the tribal enclave of Puntland on the territorial integrity of Somaliland on December 6, 2002;
Madaxweyne Rayaale oo fagaaraha khayriyada khudbad ka jeediyay.
Dec 13 2002 Hargeysa, Somaliland (Somaliland Net) - Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Md.Daahir Rayaale Kaahin aya xaalad deg deg ah (State of Emergency Law) ku soo rogay gobolka Sool ee Somaliland isla markaana sheegay in aanay doorasho ka dhacayn inta xaaladaasi uu gobolku ku jiro marka laga reebo Degmada Caynabo.
SOMALIA: Security Council welcomes peace talks
NAIROBI, 13 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - The UN Security Council has hailed ongoing regional efforts to reach a lasting settlement to the situation in Somalia.

ETHIOPIA: Ruling coalition to hold televised debates with opposition
ADDIS ABABA, 13 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is to face opposition leaders and academics in a series of televised debates.
ERITREA-ETHIOPIA: Pledge to ensure speedy border demarcation
ADDIS ABABA, 13 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Ethiopia and Eritrea have said they will leave “no stone unturned” in enforcing speedy demarcation of the new border, the UN’s newly appointed Force Commander announced on Friday.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

President Kahin returns to a tumultous welcome in Hargeisa; renames Hargeisa Airport as Egal Airport
Dec 12 2002 Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin and a large delegation he was leading in a visit to Somaliland's eastern and central districts, returned to Hargeysa today at 11.30 p.m.
A cloned Arab?
A controversial Italian embryologist claims to be about to clone the first human -- an Arab baby, reports Samia Nkrumah from Rome.
Moi Vows Not to Rule From Behind the Scenes
NAIROBI--Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi, 78, who has led his country for the past 24 years, addressed the nation, Thursday, in his final Independence Day celebrations as head of state. And, in what many Kenyans have called a surprisingly conciliatory speech from a normally combative Moi, he asked for unity and forgiveness from those he had wronged during his long stewardship as president.

Salvaging Somalia’s Chance For Peace
After more than a decade as the only country in the world totally devoid of a functioning central government and no less than twenty unsuccessful national-level peace initiatives since 1991, the Eldoret Declaration has raised hopes that resolution of the Somali crisis may now be within reach.
the process, however, still faces considerable difficulties. A combination of mismanagement, regional rivalry, insufficient outside political support and financial constraints have brought the talks to the verge of collapse. Could it be salvaged?
Read the full report by International Crisis Group (ICG).

Piety and Cash Focus of Islamic Koran Contests
Wed December 11, 2002 12:47 PM ET
By Tom Perry
CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) - Youssef Mohammad had barely learned to read and write when, aged 4, he decided to memorize all 114 chapters of Islam's holy scripture, the Koran.

Powell Pledges to Promote Democracy in Middle East
Thu December 12, 2002 02:17 PM ET
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Secretary of State Colin Powell pledged on Thursday to intensify U.S. efforts to promote democracy in the Middle East, where Washington has often been accused of supporting authoritarian leaders.
"No Where To Go" famine hits hard Somali Region of Ethiopia.
SHINILE, 12 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Hassen Farah stands in a dry, sandy 100-foot wide riverbed in southeastern Ethiopia. “Everywhere you look it is dry,” says the 54-year-old pastoralist. “Everywhere.”

In Shinile, in Ethiopia's Somali region, they have already given a name to this current drought. They call it "nowhere to go".

“This is worse than before,” says Hassen. “In the past we could travel with our animals to get water. Even in the worst times. But everywhere you go it is dry now. There is nothing for the animals to eat and without them we are nothing. We depend on our animals.” Read more

Military base in Horn of Africa key in war on terror, Rumsfeld saysCAMP LEMONIER, Djibouti - (KRT) - Bulldozers are helping to transform an old French airfield into a major U.S. military installation that could be used for raids against followers of Osama bin Laden and other anti-terrorist operations for years to come.

ETHIOPIA: Violence-wracked camp off limits to aid workers
DAR ES SALAAM, 12 December (IRIN) - A row has broken out between the Tanzanian government and some development partners over the control and disbursement of development funds.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Somali telecom thrives despite US ban
JEDDAH, 12 December 2002 — The Somali telecommunication sector has remained strong despite the US government’s ban of Al-Barakaat Telecommunication Company for its suspected support to terrorism. Last November, the US government effectively removed Al-Barakaat, one of Somalia’s telecommunication companies, from service. Washington in fact cut the company’s links to the outside world.

Zenawi promises cooperation to combat Al-Ittihad in Somalia
When Mr Rumsfeld visited Addis Ababa, Mr Zenawi promised cooperation to combat increased terrorist activity, which he blamed on the an Islamist organisation, Al-Ittihad, based in Ethiopia's rival, Somalia.
Who will blink first?
America's reasons for and against an early attack on Iraq grow ever more complex, writes Julian Borger
Wednesday December 11, 2002
Off India, a genetic link to Africa
Nicholas Wade The New York Times
US releases Scuds bound for Yemen
SANAA (AFP)--The US has released a shipment of North Korean-made Scud missiles that were seized last night on a ship bound for Yemen, the White House said this evening.
December 11, 2002

Homosexual killing and eating ritual shocks Germany
A man has confessed to murdering and eating a fellow homosexual who volunteered to be killed in one of the strangest murders in Germany in recent years, prosecutors said today.

Seized N.Korean Scud Ship Bound for Mideast -Spain
MADRID (Reuters) - A North Korean ship carrying hidden Scud missiles and about 85 drums of chemicals was bound for a Middle East port when it was intercepted in the Arabian Sea by Spanish warships, Spain said on Wednesday.
Wed December 11, 2002 07:17 AM ET
HORN OF AFRICA: Rumsfeld discusses terror threat during whirlwind tour
ASMARA/ADDIS ABABA, 11 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld flew to Djibouti on Wednesday after agreeing with Ethiopia to coordinate the fight against terrorism.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Somali Delegates Threaten to Abandon Peace Talks
NAIROBI--Somali delegates have threatened to withdraw from the Eldoret peace talks if the international community fails to stop attacks by Somaliland troops on the Puntland State.

Eritrea offers military help to US

ASMARA--The United States can have access to Eritrea's military bases as part of its war against terror, President Isaias Afewerki has said.
Israel Threatens to Launch Nuclear Attack on Islamic Sites

THERAN -- A high-ranking Israeli officer threatened that the Zionist regime would launch nuclear attack on Islamic holy sites in the Middle East, an Israeli newspaper said Sunday.
Mauritania 'still practising' slavery

‘if We Want To Save Africa, We Must Save Africa’s Women First’, Says Secretary-general
Watchdog: Anti-Islam, Anti-Semitism Rife in Europe
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Islamophobia and anti-Semitism fueled by the Sept. 11 attacks and the Middle East conflict are in danger of becoming acceptable in Europe, the European Union's racism watchdog warned Tuesday.

Monday, December 09, 2002

KENYA: Reward offered for arrest of terrorist suspects
NAIROBI, 9 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Kenyan police on Monday announced a US $6,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of either of two men suspected of carrying out last month's failed missile attack on an Israeli airliner in Mombasa.
Anti-Puntland demos held in various districts
Dec 09 2002 A demonstration was today held by very many people at Hargeysa's Khayria Square.
The President was warmly received by the people of Ceerigaabo.
Dec 09 2002 The president of the republic of Somaliland, Hon Dahir Riyale Kahin, and a large delegation he was leading, arrived last night at 11 p.m. in Ceerigaabo - Sanaag regional HQ - after departing from Caynabo, Sool Region.
Bush described the Kenyan President as a prominent leader who had moved Kenya towards greater democracy as he plans to step down after the December 27 elections.
Close call in Kenya
Attacks in Kenya on an Israeli airliner and an Israeli-owned hotel focus attention once again on the African link in the United States-led war against terror, writes Gamal Nkrumah -Al Ahram Weekly
ERITREA-SUDAN: Bilateral normalisation talks may materialise
Somaliland is a peace-loving Country, never the less, willing and ready to defend its territorial integrity.
Dec 09 2002 SLF-EC-07-2002/2003 - PRESS RELEASE:
On 7th of December, 2002, the President of the Republic of Somaliland Hon. Dahir Rayale Kahin arrived on an official state visit in Laasanod, Sool, one of the six regions of Somaliland.
KENYA: Reward offered for arrest of terrorist suspectsIRIN

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Al Qaeda Claims Kenya Attacks, Vows More
Sun December 8, 2002 05:09 PM ET
DUBAI (Reuters) - The al Qaeda network has claimed responsibility for attacks on an Israeli airliner
and hotel in Kenya which killed 16 people and vowed even more "lethal" assaults against Israel and
its chief ally, the United States.

Horn Of African News Agency
Wife Beating Seen as Epidemic in U.S. Military
Somaliland President attacked in Sool region

Analysis: Tense times for Saudi Arabia
Djibouti chills out after terror warning
Ugandan woman stripped in city centre
Kenyan Muslim behind Mombassa terror attacks
Saddam sends apology to Kuwait for invasion
Meles links Somalis to Kenya attacks

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Saudi official says Jews 'were behind' 9/11
Washington Times
The True Voice of Islam
By King Abdullah II of Jordan
Washington Post

Two Saudi Voices
Democray or oligarchy which way to turn--Africans and Asian countries have always argued that democracy cannot be
the remedy for all political ills at all times. This agrument may have at last
found a defender.
The Guardian.
The ignoble Nobel

Jimmy Carter gets his peace prize next week.
Just don't mention Nicaragua, Korea or East Timor.
The Guardian
Somaliland's President comes under attack in Las Anod-
HARGEISA, DEC 7, 2002--At least four people died and an unknown number
wounded when forces loyal to Puntland administration made a surprise attack
on Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin who arrived in Las Anod earlier today.

In a telephone call to Hargeisa, Newsowl learned from official sources
that the President and his delegation came under attack from Puntland forces
moments after their arrival in Las Anod.

The sources confirmed the death of the commander of the Puntland forces and
other four people.

In a bid aimed at avoiding further loss of life and destruction of the town,
Mr. Kahin immediately retreated to the nearby village of Caynabo and ordered
a ceasefire.

Las Anod is the main town of Sool region which along with Sanag are claimed
by the Puntland administration for being part of their autonomous enclave. However,
historically both regions were part of the British Somaliland Protectorate before the
country gained independence on June 26, 1960.

On July 1, 1960, the Somali Republic was born out of a merger between Somaliland
and Italian Somalia. After the collapse of Siyad Barre's dicatorial regime 1991,
Somaliland people proclaimed the restoration of their pre-unification sovereignty and
declared Somaliland as an independent and separate state from Somalia. Somaliland
had ever since enjoyed peace and stability and had functional elected parliamentary
ETHIOPIA: Prime Minister launches relief appeal
Somaliland's President embarks on a visit to no-go regions
In what analysts see as the most important achievement during his
short time in office, Somaliland's President Dahir Riyale Kahin left
Hargeisa today on an official visit to Sool and Sanag regions. If Mr. Kahin's
visit to the two regions goes unhindered, it will be the first time that the
people of these regions give unflinching allegiance to the soverignty of
Somaliland. Read more on President Riyale heads for points east

Friday, December 06, 2002

Somali pact inspires hope
Daily Nation
Ethiopia Becomes the First “Little African Town” in America.
Addis Tribune

Terrorism traced to Somalia
The Kenya terrorist attacks last week have prompted the United States
to heighten military and intelligence activities inside Somalia to a degree
not seen since the humiliating 1993 street battle there that killed
18 US soldiers and led to a withdrawal of troops, US officials say.
Boston Globe
Djibouti President announces the operational
startup of great projects in 2003
A moderate voice for Islam
Where in these troubled times should we go to find an accurate picture of contemporary Islam? The Middle East, where the religion was born? Certainly not.
Nearby North Africa? Wrong again. Try Malaysia.
International Herald Tribune

ETHIOPIA: UNICEF Executive Director calls for immediate relief response.
Violence and Islam
From Nigeria to Sudan to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Philippines, some of the worst,
most hate-driven violence in the world today is perpetrated by Muslims and in the name
of Islam.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Why Somalis left their homeland?
COTE D IVOIRE military launches an offensive against the rebels.
Will America lose face in the Muslim world if it attacks Iraq?
A recent international survey shows growing hostility towards
the U.S. in the Muslim world.
International Herald Tribune.
Following the attack of foreign tourists in Kenya and with Bush raising
the possibility of Al Qaeda link, the U.S. beefs its military presence in Djibouti.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Somalia's warlords sign a ceasefire agreement. Will it work this time?
Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) and five Mogadishu-based
factions have signed a joint ceasefire declaration committing themselves to
ending violence in the Somali capital. Will it be different from the many other
ceasefire agreements that went bust.
Sudan's warring parties have accused each other of arming and supporting
the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), an insurgent group which is waging war
against the Ugandan government from hideouts inside Sudan
Bin Laden, you waste your time (Kenya's Nation editorial)
Kenyans ask why us?
Ms Rose Kahindi, a relative of three dancers killed in Thursday's bomb attack near Mombasa,
Kenya, and other mourners, as one of the bodies is carried to the grave at Ngoloka, Kikambala.

In a bid to mitigate U.S. anger, the Saudi Arabia yesterday announced
new controls on its Muslim charities to prevent the flow of funds to
violent Islamist groups.
Hezbollah calls for a worldwide Al Qaeda kamikaze style against the West.