Saturday, December 07, 2002

Saudi official says Jews 'were behind' 9/11
Washington Times
The True Voice of Islam
By King Abdullah II of Jordan
Washington Post

Two Saudi Voices
Democray or oligarchy which way to turn--Africans and Asian countries have always argued that democracy cannot be
the remedy for all political ills at all times. This agrument may have at last
found a defender.
The Guardian.
The ignoble Nobel

Jimmy Carter gets his peace prize next week.
Just don't mention Nicaragua, Korea or East Timor.
The Guardian
Somaliland's President comes under attack in Las Anod-
HARGEISA, DEC 7, 2002--At least four people died and an unknown number
wounded when forces loyal to Puntland administration made a surprise attack
on Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin who arrived in Las Anod earlier today.

In a telephone call to Hargeisa, Newsowl learned from official sources
that the President and his delegation came under attack from Puntland forces
moments after their arrival in Las Anod.

The sources confirmed the death of the commander of the Puntland forces and
other four people.

In a bid aimed at avoiding further loss of life and destruction of the town,
Mr. Kahin immediately retreated to the nearby village of Caynabo and ordered
a ceasefire.

Las Anod is the main town of Sool region which along with Sanag are claimed
by the Puntland administration for being part of their autonomous enclave. However,
historically both regions were part of the British Somaliland Protectorate before the
country gained independence on June 26, 1960.

On July 1, 1960, the Somali Republic was born out of a merger between Somaliland
and Italian Somalia. After the collapse of Siyad Barre's dicatorial regime 1991,
Somaliland people proclaimed the restoration of their pre-unification sovereignty and
declared Somaliland as an independent and separate state from Somalia. Somaliland
had ever since enjoyed peace and stability and had functional elected parliamentary
ETHIOPIA: Prime Minister launches relief appeal
Somaliland's President embarks on a visit to no-go regions
In what analysts see as the most important achievement during his
short time in office, Somaliland's President Dahir Riyale Kahin left
Hargeisa today on an official visit to Sool and Sanag regions. If Mr. Kahin's
visit to the two regions goes unhindered, it will be the first time that the
people of these regions give unflinching allegiance to the soverignty of
Somaliland. Read more on President Riyale heads for points east

Friday, December 06, 2002

Somali pact inspires hope
Daily Nation
Ethiopia Becomes the First “Little African Town” in America.
Addis Tribune

Terrorism traced to Somalia
The Kenya terrorist attacks last week have prompted the United States
to heighten military and intelligence activities inside Somalia to a degree
not seen since the humiliating 1993 street battle there that killed
18 US soldiers and led to a withdrawal of troops, US officials say.
Boston Globe
Djibouti President announces the operational
startup of great projects in 2003
A moderate voice for Islam
Where in these troubled times should we go to find an accurate picture of contemporary Islam? The Middle East, where the religion was born? Certainly not.
Nearby North Africa? Wrong again. Try Malaysia.
International Herald Tribune

ETHIOPIA: UNICEF Executive Director calls for immediate relief response.
Violence and Islam
From Nigeria to Sudan to Pakistan to Indonesia to the Philippines, some of the worst,
most hate-driven violence in the world today is perpetrated by Muslims and in the name
of Islam.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Why Somalis left their homeland?
COTE D IVOIRE military launches an offensive against the rebels.
Will America lose face in the Muslim world if it attacks Iraq?
A recent international survey shows growing hostility towards
the U.S. in the Muslim world.
International Herald Tribune.
Following the attack of foreign tourists in Kenya and with Bush raising
the possibility of Al Qaeda link, the U.S. beefs its military presence in Djibouti.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Somalia's warlords sign a ceasefire agreement. Will it work this time?
Somalia's Transitional National Government (TNG) and five Mogadishu-based
factions have signed a joint ceasefire declaration committing themselves to
ending violence in the Somali capital. Will it be different from the many other
ceasefire agreements that went bust.
Sudan's warring parties have accused each other of arming and supporting
the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), an insurgent group which is waging war
against the Ugandan government from hideouts inside Sudan
Bin Laden, you waste your time (Kenya's Nation editorial)
Kenyans ask why us?
Ms Rose Kahindi, a relative of three dancers killed in Thursday's bomb attack near Mombasa,
Kenya, and other mourners, as one of the bodies is carried to the grave at Ngoloka, Kikambala.

In a bid to mitigate U.S. anger, the Saudi Arabia yesterday announced
new controls on its Muslim charities to prevent the flow of funds to
violent Islamist groups.
Hezbollah calls for a worldwide Al Qaeda kamikaze style against the West.