Thursday, February 26, 2004

Massquerading Successful Somaliland as Failed Somalia
Bashir Goth.More

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Against the Somalisation of Islam_ A refutation to Mr. Goth’s Article
By Muumina-Shaqlan
1. Preliminary Remarks
It is not my intention to offend or defend anybody in this write up. However, I find Mr. Goth’s article titled “Against the Saudization of Somaliland” revolting and offensive to the basic principles of Islam, ulama and Somali women. There are so many inaccuracies and disinformation about Islam in his article. He deceitfully questioned about the authenticity of salat, zakat, sawm, haj and hijaab practices as basic obligations in Islam. His naked attack on Saudi ulama and Da’wah groups in Somalia is completely unjustified and unwarranted. It is utterly wrong of Mr. Goth or any other man to indulge into something that is entirely a religious matter of women’s concerns. MORE Hadhwanaag