Thursday, October 09, 2003

Italian humanitarian doctor dies after being shot in Borama
06 October, 2003

ANN Staff Reporter

BORAMA, Somaliland, 6 Oct 2003—Dr. Annalena Tonelli, an Italian humanitarian worker, who was shot yesterday here died of her wounds and her body was taken to Hargeisa.

Hospital sources told Awdalnews Network that the police had arrested a mentally deranged man for the doctor’s killing. The man, a driver, was undergoing treatment for mental depression in Dr. Tonelli’s hospital. MORE
UNHCR Mourns Death of Dr. Annalena Tonelli
United Nations High Commission for Refugees (Geneva)
October 6, 2003
Posted to the web October 6, 2003

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers today expressed grief at the murder Sunday night of Annalena Tonelli, a 60-year-old humanitarian worker who had dedicated the last 33 years of her life to helping Somalis.

"All of us at UNHCR are devastated by Dr. Tonelli's death," said Lubbers, who in June presented the Italian woman with the 2003 Nansen Refugee Award. "We were so proud to have been able to honor the wonderful work she did for the poorest of the poor, including many refugees, over the past three decades. She dedicated her life to helping others, carrying out her noble mission in remote, difficult places little noticed by the outside world. In doing so, she touched the lives of thousands of people, demonstrating that individuals can still make a huge difference. We mourn the loss of a truly great woman."