Saturday, December 28, 2002

Interview with Dahir Rayale Kahin, President of SomalilandDec 26 2002 « 97% of the Somaliland’s people does not want to be united anymore with Somalia. Nobody can change our will. » Dahir Rayale Kahin, President of Somaliland. This small country has good relations with its neighbours. « With Ethiopia and with Djibouti ».

Friday, December 27, 2002

For Somalis, a Home and Haven
Residents of U.S. Fight Deportation as Too Dangerous

SEATTLE, DEC. 27, 2002 (WASHINGTON POST)--Mohamed Aweys was a teenager when he and his family fled Somalia's civil warfare over a decade ago. Now, in an austere cell in a U.S. jail, he worries that he could be deported back to that violence-wracked country, for what he calls a youthful mistake.

Torture Is Not an Option
WASHINGTON, DEC.27, 2002--Al Qaeda terrorists mean America great harm, and it is essential that intelligence operatives obtain as much information as possible from them. That process, at times, will not be easy. These grillings may not be governed by the same rules that cover domestic criminal investigative interrogations. Foreigners detained abroad fighting against the United States are not entitled to the protections of the Bill of Rights, after all.
Washington Post editorial
Kibaki takes early lead, Uhuru puts a brave fight
NAIROBI, DEC. 28, 2002--Narc leader Mwai Kibaki was early today increasing his lead in preliminary results from 210 polling stations - but his Kanu rival, Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, was putting up a brave fight.
Read Kenya's exit polls in the Daily Nation
Humans claim God's thrown, create a life (first human clone is born)
HOLLYWOOD, DEC 28, 2002, Fla. (AP) -- Ushering in either a brave new world or a spectacular hoax, a company founded by a religious sect that believes in space aliens announced Friday that it has produced the world's first cloned baby.

Scientist Claims to Produce Human Clone
HOLLYWOOD, DEC 27, 2002, Fla. (AP) -- A chemist connected to a group that believes life on Earth was created by extraterrestrials claimed Friday to have produced the world's first human clone, a baby girl named Eve.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Kenyan camp seen fertile ground for terror
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--"I dream, mostly, of leaving," said Ahmed Aden, 20, talking about his home. He has been living in the Dadaab refugee camp for 11 years, ever since his father was killed in Somalia's civil war and his mother fled across the border to Kenya with her four children. Read WT
Kenya 'systematically drained' of resources
A 25 page eve-of-poll report* by the Kenyan branch of Transparency International (TI), the Berlin-based anti-corruption body, provides for the first time a breakdown of how Kenya has been systematically drained of state resources by politicians and their cronies. Read FT

Profiles of Leading Presidential Candidates
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--Million of Kenyans are eligible to go to the polls on Friday, December 27, to elect a new president, parliament and local candidates in the civic elections. The landmark ballot ushers in a new era in Kenyan politics and bids farewell to President Daniel arap Moi after 24 years in office. Five men are in the presidential race, but two men are well out in front, Uhuru Kenyatta for the incumbent party, Kanu and Mwai Kibaki for the opposition coalition, Narc. They are profiled below:
SUDAN: State of emergency extended
NAIROBI, 26 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - Sudan's parliament on Monday approved the extension of a state of emergency for a fourth year, news agencies reported.
Kenya's 'great hope' tipped to win poll
NAIROBI, DEC. 27, 2002--Rarely in Kenyan history has one man been so adored, or caused so many traffic jams, as Mwai Kibaki, the country's favourite grandfather who is widely predicted to sweep to victory in today's presidential poll.
Iran bans death penalty by stoning
TEHRAN, DEC.26, 2002 (Reuters) - Iran has abolished stoning as a form of capital punishment, an Iranian newspaper has
reported, in an apparent bid to ease European Union human rights concerns ahead of a possible
breakthrough trade agreement.

In Afghanistan the Burka refuses to follow the fate of Taliban
The Qur'an, she said, exhorts women to cover "their beautiful parts, such as their breasts, hips and legs, but doesn't say they should hide their faces or cover themselves with burkas."

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

US Muslims sue over mass arrests
Dec 24, 2002 (BBC)--US Muslim groups have launched a class action lawsuit against Attorney General John Ashcroft and federal immigration officials over the detention of hundreds of Muslim men.
Four groups said they had filed the suit

Religion's role in world affairs
Over the past decade religion has come back with a vengeance. When an American political scientist predicted that the post-cold-war world faced a clash of civilisations, he saw the struggle ahead largely in religious terms. Since September 11 2001, many people would now agree with him. Almost entirely neglected as a factor in world politics before the Berlin wall came down, religion is now invoked to explain most of the pressing issues of the day - the rise of ethnic conflict from the Balkans to Bombay, for instance, the emergence of al-Qaeda and the European Union's uncertain embrace of Turkey.
Financial Times

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

African Union Committed to Development
WASHINGTON, Dec. 23 Dec 2002--The interim chairman of the African Union says the organization is committed to building a partnership with citizens to develop Africa. Amara Essy spoke in Washington during a recent three day conference.
4 Somali Students Die in Bus Shooting
December 24, 2002, 10:47 AM EST
MOGADISHU, Somalia, AP-- Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a school minibus in Mogadishu on Tuesday, killing four students and wounding 10 others, witnesses said

War & poverty
Something must be done to stop the present state of continuous war preparation and threats of war, which is simply a waste of human resources and human intelligence that is holding back the whole development of science itself, and blocking its useful application.
Arrested Qaeda figure was training for flight
Patrick E. Tyler/NYT The New York Times
Tuesday, December 24, 2002
WASHINGTON The man said to be chief of operations for Al Qaeda in the Gulf region, Abdul Rahim Nashiri, was taking flight lessons near the strategic shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz when he was arrested last month by authorities of the United Arab Emirates and turned over to the CIA, officials here and in the region said in recent days.

Speechless Moi fails to halt tide of change
NAIROBI, Dec. 23, 2002--It was a rally not unlike the hundreds that the ageing Kenyan president, Daniel arap Moi, had presided over during his 24 years in power, with a 50,000-strong crowd allegedly bribed to attend
The Guardian
Ethiopia faces £330m claims
ADDIS ABABA, Dec.r 24, 2002--The impoverished government of Ethiopia, which is struggling to combat the worst famine in 20 years, is facing demands from private creditors of up to $500m (£330m).
SOMALIA: Peace talks adjourned
NAIROBI, 24 Dec 2002 (IRIN) - The Somali peace talks currently under way in the western Kenyan town of Eldoret have been adjourned until after the Kenyan elections, according to a source close to the talks.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Gudiga doorashooyinka qaranka oo maanta ku dhawaaqay natiijadii codbixinta doorashada
Dec 22 2002 Burco Somaliland (Somaliland Net Gudiga doorashooyinka qaranka ee jamhuuriyada somaliland ayaa maanta ku dhawaaqay natiijadii ka soobaxday codbixintii doorashada ee ka dhacday gobolada sland 15.12.02,waxayna ugu kala guulaysteen codbixintaa ururadii tartamayay oo ahaa lix urur siyaasadeed sidan,
UDUB=197,938 COD
UCID=49,444 COD
SAHAN= 47,942 COD
ASAD= 39,596 COD.
Read More

Cabdi Xasan Buuni oo eedeeyey UDUB
BORAMA, 19 DEC 2002 (Haatuf)-- Goobaha codbixinta ee ka baxsan magaalada oo laga soo sheegay in UDUB ay ka heshay codad aan caqli-gal ahayn, marka loo eego baaxaddooda iyo dadka ku nool deegaankaasi.

Cabdi Xasan Buuni, waxa uu soo jeediyey in dhacdooyinka lagala kulmay doorashooyinkii shalay wixii ka dhacay haddii dib loo eegi waayo ay wax u dhimi doonto wax kasta oo danta guud iyo qarannimada ku lug leh.