Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Sweet deal for businessman
DUBAI, 21 APRIL 2003 (GULF NEWS)--A deal to export sugar worth $3 million from South America ended happily for a businessman who was charged with embezzling Dh1.3 million from a businesswoman.

The Dubai Court of Appeal yesterday acquitted Vimal S.H., 40, an Indian, of breach of trust and embezzlement and absolved his compatriot, Raishanjani N.B., 39, an Indian manager, of the same charges.

The Dubai Court of First Instance had earlier acquitted Raishanjani but sentenced Vimal to two years followed by deportation.

Both men had been charged with breach of trust and embezzling Dh1.3 million after they had struck a $3 million deal with Maryam A.Y., 48, a Somali businesswoman, to export sugar from Brazil to Somalia.

According to the deal Vimal was to ensure the sugar was dispatched to Somalia.

After signing the deal, Vimal travelled to India. Maryam meanwhile signed over cheques worth Dh1.3 million to Raishanjani who transferred the amount to Vimal. A month passed and the shipment wasn't dispatched.

In October, when Vimal returned to Dubai, Maryam contacted him and sought clarification. Vimal told her that he needed more money to be able to renew his company's commercial licence in India. Maryam paid $10,000.

Vimal allegedly left the country once more and didn't keep his promise.

Once again, Vimal returned to Dubai and asked Maryam for more money, to set up an office in Dubai and finalise the deal. He claimed that he faced financial problems in India.

The Somali businesswoman then filed her complaint against Vimal and Raishanjani.

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