Monday, April 21, 2003

Somali government, two southern militias to form military alliance
MOGADISHU, 21 APRIL 2003 (BBC)--A vice-chairman of Rahanwein Resistance Army [RRA, based in Baydhabo] Muhammad Ibrahim Habsade, has said the Transitional National Government of Somalia [TNG], the Jubba Valley Alliance [JVA, Kismaayo-based pro-government militia force], and his faction group will cooperate [militarily] against any party that attempts to attack his side.

Mr Habsade said Gen Muhammad Sa'id Hirsi Morgan [TNG rival, aiming to recapture Kismaayo] will not be allowed in Baydhabo [alternative spelling Baidoa, RRA HQ]. He said he had conversed with Shaykh Adan Madobe [another RRA vice chairman] on the telephone while in Baydhabo regarding some RRA members who had left for Ethiopia, adding that he is not happy with their trip.

"I do not know about those members who have left for Ethiopia and what they were looking for," said Mr Habsade.

He said some representatives from his faction would return to the peace talks venue in Kenya.

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