Thursday, April 24, 2003

Presidential Candidate Sets Out Terms
NAIROBI, 14 APRIL 2003--Existing agreements between the current regional administrations and the Somali Transitional National Government should not be recognised by the federal government when a new government takes power in Somalia.

One of the presidential candidates in the forthcoming Somalia elections, Mr Farah Addow has sugested.

Addow says in his foreign policy document that any agreements with the international community, or regional organisations or foreign investment companies should be ignored.

However, he called on the Federal Government to fully respect the treaties and agreements which Somalia subscribed to prior to 1991 when former dictator Siad Barre's regime collapsed.

He said those regional administrations are not entitled to any legitimacy or legality based on the wishes of Somali people and its legitimate representative political forces.

"The Federal Government should be ready to co-operate with the international community on issues related to humanitarian aid being extended to Somali people," Addow said. MORE

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