Thursday, October 20, 2016

African women have nothing to worry about Buhari’s insensitive comments by Bashir Goth

Nigerian President Buhari’s deplorable comments about his wife only serve as a poor reflection of his ego — they do not take anything away from women’s exemplary contribution to the continent’s history and legacy

At a time when issues of sexual harassment and women’s rights dominate the narrative of the United States presidential race, it was unfortunate for an African leader of the most populous, most ethnically diverse and most culturally rich country in the continent to insult his wife and in fact all African women before the whole world.

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room,” said President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, in response to his wife Aisha Buhari’s criticism of his government’s performance.

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