Wednesday, January 23, 2008

By Bashir Goth
The Current Discussion: Australians are voting online for a "Word of the Year" from a list of new words to be included in the dictionary: among the frontrunners, "Chindia", "globesity," and "password fatigue." Create your favorite new word of the year that tells us something about trends in your country.

Somalilandracy: A self-declared independent country that establishes peace and security within its borders without much international help; abides by all rules of democracy and international law but not recognized by the international community. The name is derived from the case of , known by academics as Africa’s best kept secret.

Occuberation: when foreign forces occupy a country under the pretext of liberating it from the ruling regime with the consent or silence of the international community while the natives of the country see themselves as an occupied nation. Examples are Iraq and Somalia.

Hillaries (Hillary’s tears): when a politician, or anyone else for that matte,r breaks into tears to attract sympathy from voters or audience.

Noneoliday: when a country, usually a developing one, declares a holiday for security reasons due to the arrival of important foreign leaders. This happened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during the OPEC Summit in November and it again happened in Dubai during the visit of President Bush on January 14, 2008.

Kenyan way: when a sitting president rigs and officiates his victory in a hastily arranged ceremony to deny the other party any room to maneuver.

Nullmuslim (nullmuslims) Regular Muslims who have been disfranchised by the Islamist extremists who commit heinous crimes in the name of their religion, crimes that Nullmuslims are unable to do anything about. Nullmuslims have been declared null and void by the extremists who have hijacked their religion and made them voiceless.

Climatedoomer (climatedoomers): Those who see global warming as a human-caused doomsday that will bring life on earth to an end.

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