Saturday, August 26, 2006

Editorial: Sleeping with a devil in Islamic clothing
By Bashir Goth

Peace is sweet but peace without dignity and freedom is no peace at all. The Islamists who took the power in Mogadishu told the people to have peace, go about their business, eat and drink, conjugate and have many children, go to the mosque and pray five times a day, send their children to Madrasses where they get brainwashed and chant Koran interpreted in a satanic way by Wahhabist/Salafist clerics and give praise to Allah that the warlords who kept them hostage for 15 years have gone.

They compare their conquest of Mogadishu to that of Prophet Mohammed's conquest of Mecca from the Quraishite pagans. They believe that they are acting on God's behest and that the Almighty guides their guns. We tell them that they are not the army of Mohammed and that they are not in anyway nearer to Allah than a woman dancing to music in a beautiful wedding or tantalizing people's inner feelings with her melodious voice. We tell them that prophet Mohammed didn't ban music and dance and did not in anyway deny people to enjoy the pleasures of life. He is the one who told Aisha to send a singing girl for an Ansari wedding and who allowed Aisha to watch African dancers on an Eid day in Mecca. Mohammed is he who said that "God did not send me to be harsh, or cause harm, but He sent me to teach and make things easy."

The warlords used brute force to coercion people and the Islamists use brute religion to dehumanize people. They ban music not because it is against religion but because it is beyond their realm of control. They close cinema houses and theatre not because they spread vice but because they want to keep the people in the dark. They hide women not because Islam orders their mummification but because Islamists suffer from a masculinity problem. They think he who is not a master of his wife cannot be a master of others. Power and tyranny is their ultimate goal and tyranny should first crush and subdue the weak so the strong could tremble. Anyone who wants to see where the Islamists would like to lead Somalia should only see how they treat women, music and ideas. These three elements constitute the beauty, spirit and future of any nation. In a story published by the Islamist Qaadisiya website on the graduation of 140 women who completed a course on cooking and handicrafts at a center called Asma Bint Omair Center, reflects a glimpse of what is in store for women. Only pictures of the Islamist officials who attended the ceremony and row after row of food was shown. It seems as if the photographer tried to accentuate his frustration by showing many food items, as he was not allowed to show the faces of women for whom the ceremony was held. READ MORE on Awdalnews, MEMRI,Joels Trumpet,


  1. Bashir

    I am writing to let you know that I read many of your articles, thanks to Online Opinion. As a woman, I find your articles moving and relevant. I cannot claim to understand much about Islam or even Africa, however I know that while people like you can continue to speak out Africa will eventually move in the direction of harmony. I wish you all the best that the universe has to offer.

    Thank you for all your good work. You make the world a little brighter.

  2. Anonymous3:45 AM

    Sent to Washington Post

    US Senator Biden’s Iraq Policy & Understated Potentials

    Twice now Joseph Biden with assistance from Les Gelb has publicly stated their strategy for Iraq in this paper. Their five-point plan is nothing short of brilliant, and has other possible applications. Their plan in my opinion must be given serious considerations for Iraqi and elsewhere, if nothing else for our troops and county’s sake. Let’s hope it become known in the future as …

    The Biden Foreign Policy.

    Place the Biden-Gelp-Bosnia model of independent ethnic federations sharing a mutually agreed upon subordinate central government on Somalia. It’s provides a new approach, and using the same simple question the senator from Delaware ask: What is your alternative?

    Example, look at how it applies with some modifications to Somalia. The regions of Somali have already separated into three major ethic areas; Somaliland, Puntland and the rest which is Somalia. Each region has known sizeable undeveloped petroleum reserves. Each region could independently manage its oil and other revenues, dedicating single digit set-a-sides for support of lesser central government. Central government to provide border security, diplomatic services, central bank for a common currency and other common interests.

    Africa, US and European countries should recognize and utilize stabile areas of Somalia, which are totally off ever ones radars. They are - independent sectarian regions that will never go back together like before, think Humpty Dumpty! Sounds like Iraqi.

    Biden & Gelb’s workable plan has other international applications. A model for sustainable political settlements because they understands human’s deep desires to live where, and with whom we want. We define our homelands, not outsiders.

    Bob Jackman,

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM


    I read your article and made some comments on my blog.