Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Somalia: National armed force regrouping ahead of disarmament operations
MOGADISHU, 10 JUNE 2003(BBC)--Former members of the Somali National Armed forces have been reorganizing and re-mobilizing themselves in the past few days in several cities, including Mogadishu, Baled Weyne [central region ] and Baydhabo [south central] and others.

According to some senior officials of the armed forces, the preparatory efforts began after holding talks with an international fact-finding and disarmament committee, which visited the country recently and advised the forces to reorganize themselves.

The city of Baled Weyne, Hiiraan Region, was first to witness the preparatory efforts, following a meeting between the army officials and the disarmament committee in the city. Yesterday in Baydhabo [alternative spelling Baidoa], members of the former armed forces gathered in the town, saying they were discussing the proposals of the fact-finding committee regarding the disarmament plan.

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