Saturday, June 07, 2003

Somali Leader At Peace Talks Dies in Nairobi
NAIROBI, 6 JUNE 2003(The Nation)--The leader of a group taking part in the Somali peace talks has died.
General Adan Gabyow, who was a Defence minister in the government of deposed President Siad Barre, died at the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday, Mr Hussein Aideed, a Somali leader also in the talks, said on Wednesday.

Gen Gabyow had been in hospital for two months after he suffered a stroke.

Mr Aideed sent condolences to the family and relatives of Gen Gabyow, who has been active in the talks at Mbagathi, Nairobi, since last year.

"General Adan Gabyow was one the leading lights in the promotion of the Somali peace process for the past seven months and he cherished unity of the people," Mr Aideed said.

"He will be remembered as a man of integrity and strong resolve in the current negotiations under Igad."

Gen Gabyow was one of the seven declared presidential candidates for the June 18 elections. Mr Aideed said his death would add more impetus to the dream of a united and democratic Somali.

He served in the Kenya Army as a major before joining the Somali National Defence Force in 1967.

The Kenya government has provided a plane to carry his body to his Buale home in Somalia. Gen Gabyow had two wives and 18 children.

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