Monday, May 19, 2003

ICRC Assists Flood Victims in Somali Region
ADDIS ABABA, 19 MAY 2003 (DAILY MONITOR)--The International Committee of the Red Cross has started an urgent relief operation to assist the victims of flooding which affected the population living along the Wabe Shabelle River, in the districts of Kelafo and Mustahil, situated in the Somali National Regional state (SNRS).

According to the press release sent to The Daily Monitor in the past days, heavy rains fell in the upper escarpments of Bale and Western Hararghe areas and in several zones in the SNRS. Consequently, the Wabe Shabelle River started to swell in a significant way until it burst its banks inundating a considerable part of the territory.

The excessive rainfalls had a devastating impact on the area. Villagers were obliged to seek refuge in the surrounding hills and those living in the lowest part of the territory, mainly near irrigations canals used for flood recession agriculture, had their houses destroyed along with cultivated fields of sorghum and maize.MORE

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