Friday, April 11, 2003

President Riyale says UDUB will accept the election outcome, urges peaceful polls.
HARGEISA, 11 APRIL 2003--Somaliland President Dahir Riyale Kahin today said that his party will accept the outcome of the Presidential elections to be held on Monday. Speaking to thousands of UDUB supporters at the Khayriyah Park, Riyale also called upon opposition parties to accept the results of the elections.

He urged the Somaliland people to maintain the peace and stability during the election day and asked them to vote for UDUB party, which he said stood for the perpetuation of peace and development. He outlined the agenda of the party for the development of the country.

The President arrvied at the Park in a large convoy of cars while thousands of other people arrived by buses.

In another development, UDUB women supporters had welcomed a large number of former women supporters of opposition parties who had now joined the ranks of UDUB. The new members, comprising 480 former HORMOOD members and 85 who defected from Kulmiye, were given a special reception in a ceremony held at the Workers' Union Headquarters. READ MORE

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