Thursday, February 20, 2003

Edna Aden: Somaliland's most popular Minister given a hearty welcome in Ottawa
OTTAWA, 19 FEB 2003--Edna Aden, Somaliland's Minister of Family and Social Affairs, was given a hearty welcome by Somaliland community in Ottawa, where she is currently visiting. Hundredes of Somalilanders greeted her with applause when she arrived at the meeting hall.

Welcoming the Minister, Dr. Mahmoud Tani, Chairman of the SL. Community in Ottawa, lauded Edna's efforts in reviving the country's dilapidated medical institutions, advocating women's issues and promoting Somaliland around the world as a Cabinet Minister.

Edna, a popular social worker and the founder of the Edna Aden Maternity Hospital, made a presentation about the health situation of Somaliland and the role her hospital played in meeting some of the country's dire medical needs.

She also spoke about the peace and stability prevailing in Somaliland and urged overseas Somalilanders to strengthen their unity and make a concerted effort to promote the issues of their motherland. She was given a long standing ovation at the end of her talk. She has also taken the case of Somaliland to the Canadian TV and argued strongly that her country had fulfilled all the requirements of a state. "I don't see anything that can stand in the way of Somaliland's recognition," she argued.

Edna, who earlier received a similar welcome in Toronto, will soon leave for South Africa to attend an AIDS conference at the invitation of South African President Thabo Mbeki.

The only woman in Somaliland's Cabinet and a former World Health Organization representative, Enda has travelled more than any other Minister during her short term in office and is generally believed to have boosted Somaliland's image internationally.
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